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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 26, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: 40 to 50-foot flames burst into the sky around 330 saturday morning the flames along the commercial route. among the businesses burnt the pallet yard. it's a set. i work so hard. and for this to happen. the place to place with through the property. two other storage businesses were also burnt and is flames jumped building to building. >> this is the fifth alarm after the third alarm we started to call mutual aid and six other agencies that were assisting us. they used a ladder trucks to don't water on the flames trying to fight back the flames. we have a lot of commercial buildings. we had a large bus storage area and 50 to 60 buses. >> no firefighters were injured and no one man sustained some
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injuries. why he was in the property overnight is a mystery. >> that is still under investigation when he was here in what he was doing. >> the cause is still under investigation and they believe it's parked in the east side of the yard yard. throughout the day they doused the hotspots and all that is that this is i love degree debris. >> come back stronger. >> is the cause of the fire remains under investigation they hope that they will the man sustained -- and to piece together what happened. >> also -- all since nsa fire crews are checking for hotspots following a grass fire this afternoon. it started around 430 near mountain road at almaden road. it took crews about two hours to contain the fire in the place that and holmes there was no damage and no injuries being reported.
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a double steal staffing and vallejo -- a woman that and a five-year-old son fighting for is like tonight. what led up to the vicious attack. >> i can't believe she's dead. >> staff to death in her own home five-year-old -- the five- year-old son was also stabbed in the lieutenant said that -- with the leased departments of the boy was in a trauma -- the trauma center in serious condition where he is expected to survive. >> we are attempting to establish motive why something like this would happen. >> say they say this man a parolee of 43 -- a 43-year-old daryl wakefield from vallejo broke into this home and attacked the victim just before 2:00 saturday morning. >> there's no indication that's leading us to believe it's a burglary. we were able to determine that the suspect and victim knew one another to a degree we are still trying to figure that out. there's nothing lead us to believe it's anything domestic
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relationship. police say the past he served 19 years in prison stemming from a burglary conviction conviction. >> the man is a mess. what would drive them to do something crazy like that. >> justin gonzalez lives down the street and said a few months ago she met the woman who was killed. >> she's a nice girl, cooler -- butler, -- but there, in the neighborhood. >> she's never seen wakefield around the police say was walking down the street in east vallejo -- vallejo and arrested almost seven hours after police say he stabbed the victim. >> anytime you have someone who is killed in a five-year-old involved, yes, that's -- he was booked into the solano jail facing one count of homicide and one count of attempted homicide. in the mid east, israel approve the 24 hour extension of the cease-fire in gaza until
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midnight on sunday. israel couple that offer with a warning that its military will continue to demolish how much hamas tunnels. it was a brief pause in violence between the two sides earlier today during a 12 hour cease-fire. once that expires hamas recent fire despite israel's offer to extend the cease-fire. thinking days more than 1000 palestinians have been killed. police 40 israeli -- of these 40 israeli soldiers have died died. demonstrations today in san francisco over the conflict in the middle east hundreds of people gathered at justin herman plaza in san francisco to protest the violence. on the palestinian in gaza and the west bank. they met around 1:00 and march down market street. this is the third march this month. the city of san bruneau settled a lawsuit over state documents related to the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion. officials received 7000 documents and the california puc
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. the documents which show -- show evidence of improper meddling by the cpuc and while deciding on fines against fiji and he entered the settlement the city will drop the lawsuit and the commission will provide easier access to public records. a man is in critical condition after a chp patrol car hit him in the side of highway 101 this morning. that man in his early twenties was running in the preliterate when the patrol car -- the man was rushed to the hospital and the officer had no injuries and he was able to regain control of his car until he crashed into a barrier. @-at-sign-at sign the same -- the same man musculus met last night when he walked in the middle of 680. he was 74-years-old and he was already dead when they found his body in the middle of the fourth lane near capitol expressway expressway.
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the driver who hit him wait waited on the shoulder for police to show up. there was no way that the driver could have avoided the collision and no arrest had been made. in -- and ante up, followed by a call for peace, march and rally for positive change change. >> tesera @-at-sign-at unbalance foletta is well aware of antioch's problem. 22's shootings since june and three murders and just a lot of violence and people scared in the neighborhood. >> with 22 reasons to be negative as well and his congregation that -- at victory outreach remain positive. >> how long have you been living here? >> five years. >> compare now now to five years ago? >> i would say that we're on the move. >> literally about 150 people including antioch mayor wade harper and members of the city council march 2 antioch saturday morning. >> we are making statement and we don't want to put up with the violence and another way we
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can avoid the violence. >> this strategy, celebrate love and compassion. >> and have a good time along the way. a full day of family-friendly activities played out in the church parking lot. that's where the march ended. the movement couple of people there is just beginning. >> it was her first march how did it feel? >> really good. >> my throat -- throat hurts from yelling so much it was nice. the cars would honk, it was really nice to show support. >> the forces lining of antioch are displaying the staying power of their own. two teens were rescued after getting trapped in the 75- foot cliff in marin county. the cliff hangs over the golden gate rate recreation area, the boys were climbing on their bare feet.
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if they move, they would fall and they were too high for normal rope rescue and the helicopter lowered them one at a time to the beach and nobody was injured . soccer fans that are retrieved in berkeley today, two of the best european club teams real madrid and in milan competed and he -- it was quite a game. more from the things. >> normally one would had to go to the us -- but not these guys. >> i never get a chance to make it to spain, finally think god, once again for coming here to berkeley, california. how about madrid? me to read my madrid madrid majeed. >> we don't get to see this caliber of soccer in person. >> the final four was one-one, milan said dealt with [ audio not understandable ] is an -- it was the most amazing game you can see i got to -- i guess love supporting the underdog and
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their love one of my favorite teams. >> i love the games that are so close and the penalty kicks. >> two of the top european club teams competed with most of their best players missing. >> i wish christianity was here . >> witness renaldo and ramos and -- everybody would miss it. >> over the competitive match, they enjoyed it. >> what a game, what again. >> we miss you, cristiano. >> is quick to have berkeley experienced this. >> that really -- really encompasses welcome latching in the past few months with the world cup. >> reporting in berkeley. >> this may become an annual tradition, the east they had the its own version of the running of the bulls. pretty rate men and women volunteer to be -- be charged bibles running it -- he my
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head. according to the people participated in the bull run, not everybody made -- made it out unscathed. >> one guy gets unconscious and body went limp and he couldn't move and luckily maybe about 22nd later people grafton and move them out. >> one guy got hit in the chest and leaning over could brief people were pushing the women like guys pushing women out of the way everyone for themselves societies morality. >> would you do it again? >> kind of fun ? >> did it once but. >> all in all one person was injured injured in the bull run and enough to be sent to the hospital and the fair security tells kron4 news that they could not be considered life- threatening. last night, this is part
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of a $4.8 billion project to keep drivers out of the way of muni buses. they reported a problem with drivers and by secours -- they might existing means bright red. all throughout the city. this is the video the red lace on geary street, they will be working on market street through november and move to judah street in early 2015. how many governors this it take to run california, next week there will be four and three different acting governors will rotate is filled -- filled in governors for governor jerry brown. brown is off to mexico for a trade mission on sunday and executive powers will go to the tenant governor until he heads to the east coast on tuesday. senate pro tem darrell stenberg will take over when he goes to chicago and final assembly speaker toni atkins will be in charge for nine hours until mr. brown returns later that day . coming up at eight, about
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the livermore soccer coach that used of reducing child and the populace for security, the dramatic video. what prompted the police to board a plane. a raging wildfire that destroyed by phones and challenge firefighters are facing the control of claim. temperatures much cooler than what we had yesterday and hide in london tonight i clouds coming back in the bay area and the changes on sunday coming up next. don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh... weird... seriously? what? they're magically delicious
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it's being called the second fire. it has charged 1300 acres of bush more than a thousand people out of their homes. another 260 structures are threatened and residents say they are pretty white and. >> sheriff came to the door and said you have to evacuate. put it on the scale of one-to-
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one hundred. i'm scared. >> as of -- of this morning officials say the fires only 20% contained and still have the winds and hot weather could make things even worse. more than 750 firefighters and a giant air tanker putting up a fight and the cost of the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> breaking records around the bay with eighties and nineties )-right-parenthesis-right paren the bayshore and look what happened today, the fog was back to the golden gate cool ocean air bringing temperatures down about 10 to 15 degrees. it still remains pretty hot inland and we were up to war over 100 degrees for another day in the inland valleys and livermore the hotspot 101 this afternoon. in the south air cooler and upper eighties and seventies and eighties by the day. temperatures inland about 102 -- or 2 degrees cooler than yesterday a lot cooler bayside with seabreeze brought the
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readings down about 10 to 15 degrees. here's the live view of san francisco, low clouds moving into the city and the high clouds as well. the monsoon clouds that for another visit for a couple days starting tonight and into tomorrow. you will see the high clouds elevated humidity that we have for the last week. " increase tonight and see high clouds and low clouds tomorrow morning and low clouds moving into san francisco and oakland, but mostly clear elsewhere. more sunshine and highest high clouds once again. future cast midnight tonight and a lot of clouds beginning to commence in the southeast and all the rain associated with the push of monsoon clouds is forecast to remain over the sierra and not affect the bay area. tomorrow morning look for low clouds san francisco she into the bay -- be through the gates and otherwise the high clouds
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can make for a fairly cloudy conditions at times and increasing sunshine into the afternoon temperatures same as today upper eighties and low nineties for this half -- half- day, and lend getting pretty toasty for the afternoon and getting awfully close to 100 degrees like in antioch high of 9998 livermore by the bay seventies seventies, eighties seventies for san francisco, as well as oakland, temperatures close to 90 for the north bay. authorities in the east -- east they have accused a livermore soccer coach of sexually abusing a child. 26-year-old jesse slicker had been charged with committing a lewd act with a child under the age of 14. the incident happened early this week at cabernet indoor sports and livermore. he is a soccer coach and parents whose kids attend soccer camps at the facilities were shocked by the news. i've always felt very safe at cabernet, it is in unfortunate incident that this has happened
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and maybe they will need to take steps in the future to look into the people who are setting up these camps more. cabernet sports has suspended slicker in that it is cooperating fully with the investigation and the previously work for world cup soccer camps and clinics based out of loss cap this. he is scheduled to return to enter, please, let me. police to storm the plane after a bomb threat this week's video shot by a passenger is up these tactical squad stormed the airplane on the tarmac yesterday in canada please, a passenger alley -- threatened to bomb canada while on international light going from canada to panama and had to be diverted after the threat. they say he was complaining to a flight attendant about canada and said he hated the country. >> and he said, without grief
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expression, and i just want to bomb canada. i was very frightened and scared. >> he was arrested once the plane landed and -- in the sadie 's demeanor completely changed and once he was in handcuffs " i'm sorry and he loves canada. police have issued an arrest warrant for a stockton man who tested positive for tuberculosis. the man's name is eduardo cruz looking at the picture of him. he stopped taking prescribed treatment for his tuberculosis two months ago ago. the country is worried that he could still be a health hazards. to find clues to ensure he gets proper treatment pretty good in fact that is he could effect a one-year prison. coming off a former sf professor arrested after allegations surfaced that he reported students using his bathroom. coming up, i got hit in the head and i ended up with stitches and you know bruce's
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and everything. >> the new -- have bigger issues than people having -- i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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there's more to the flush skate park than just kids having flush -- it has to do with the flush -- you can usually see that flush skate park in the balcony until it landed in their doorstep. >> flush i was at flush act in front of my house by a group of flush skateboarders at work flush -- flush drunk and stoned and did not like the fact that i did not want flush them here on a sunday night. >> ... they use . >> they attacked me with a skateboard. >> i got hit in the head and i ended up with stitches and you know bruce's and everything. i had to go to a job interview last week in the suit and all that stuff going on. >> this is video from the hospital where dr. stitch up
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the cut over the left eye. now he still has bruising from the attack . >> there were six young adults all the my front steps making light of sin noise, rolling a joint thinking beers, asked them to leave nicely did not leap -- leave in the came back down and asked them -- him to leave not so nicely and they started leaving, but then one of them decided they did not like it and attacked -- attack me from allison added to destroy a bunch of stuff and started walking away and threatened to come back and then they came back. >> he started yelling. calling 911 call 911 and you know neighbors started coming out and police showed up i don't know minutes later by seven minutes later. >> this may be one of many stories that started after the part open on july 1st we had in fact, what i was there, this skateboarders in the red jacket plan to take my camera. >> some skateboarders say i am just you to make that -- i retort, no, you are -- by yourself i am just reporting.
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>> i asked one, why the bad reputation? >> i don't know, few people messed up. >> and then everyone is -- it's messed up. >> this he went to see the park closed? >> no, i want to see it open, but i wanted to see it managed and managed to write so everyone can enjoy it. >> . >> of the six people involved, three were arrested and charged with multiple crimes including assault with a deadly weapon threatening a police officer. >> i am sure there'll be more on this by coming up in separate cisco, stanley roberts kron four news. violence continues to plague the mideast and the devastation in the community keys that's bearing the brunt. new -- before that plane crash and what the french president is now calling for.
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still ahead trying to stop, but died of border crossing before congress takes the bait of vacation. america's told -- told not to visit libya status post out of that embassy. for how long? the teacher accused of spying and his students while they went to the bathroom. >>
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a college professor accused of spying on students for the camera used to work at san francisco -- san francisco state . a strict recording the students as they used his bathroom. j r stone tells us the former associate professor is now facing more than a dozen counts counts. >> 38-year-old mark landis a former symphysis go state university professor charged with 15 counts of an invasion of privacy after the district attorney says he was recording students in his home bathroom. >> your took talking about a secluded camera inside the toilet pointing towards people's general olson private parts. >> neighbors tell me that landis is living here in the heart of san francisco castro just back in november of 2013, he invited students over for a get together. someone who is going to the bathroom when he noticed a red light -- they notice a red light blinking from the tissue box. the male students and found a camera. that student to the memory card out and eventually gave it to authorities. >> it appears he invited people
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to his home regularly. you are not expecting to leave photograph or video when you are in the toilet. >> ever been used to those who live in the building in the landis. they tell me that 30-year-old professor professor was -- professor was effective months ago and a officers recently searched his residence. >> is the first amendment hearing i'm shocked. >> landis had resigned as an accounting professor. his name tag is still on his office door. >> it's so gross. someone would do that. professor it makes me think i have teachers that age. >> mike landis is no -- mike landis is no longer a professor here at san francisco state university. he was arrested on wednesday, but has since built out of jail and he will face a judge for the first time next week. jr stone kron4 news news. long beach investigators are determining whether a homeowner was justified in the shooting death of a burglar a woman is
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dead and a man arrested after an 80-year-old homeowner caught them burglarizing his home. the man was beaten and thrown to the ground that's when the homeowner got his gun. the burglars then fled down an alley. the homeowner says the woman asked him not to shoot saying she was pregnant. he shot and killed her despite the plea an autopsy later showed that she was not pregnant and the other thief involved -- the involved was arrested and facing charges. >> it only one week left before congress is all this thesis the president is urging house republicans to help ease the border. prices. more than 57,000 migrant children and families have a large did the us since october. gop leaders are working to find a consensus within the party, but how to deal with the influx. the president says the goal is to reduce them number of immigrants trying to win enter the country illegally. he has been reading meeting with leaders to discuss solutions. >> we are helping the opportunity long-term in central america in creating --
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and creating the kind of legal immigration system that makes this underground migration system less necessary. >> the president call for remedial action, congress gop leaders have been trying to increase guards in the border and the number of judges stood up that number and send immigrants back home more quickly. texas department of public safety officials are doing their part to secure the southern us border. you can see them patrolling the waters off the coast security has been beefed up at the us deals with the growing humanitarian crisis. rick perry responding this week, he announced that he will deploy up to 1000 national guard troops to the border area most affected by the search. the rio grande valley. in gaza gaza, palestinians return to neighborhood is reduced to -- neighborhoods reduced to rubble today during the cease-fire. leading to the discovery of dozens of bodies. more than 40 -- 40 victims were
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found in areas too dangerous to enter in recent days. health officials say medics were able to collect close to 150 bodies. the town of -- in northern gaza is one community that's been hard hit by the attacks. there's nothing left. it's a massacre. >> we pulled out seven bodies one of them still on the life and one under the rubble. >> more than a thousand palestinians mostly civilians have died in the fighting. john kerry is leading an international effort to get israel and hamas to stop that. airstrike airstrike. >> a us embassy in libya -- the us embassy in libya was evacuated early today at that state department personnel in response to increased violence in the capital. the decision to evacuate was made after the scituate security situation on embassy deteriorated. the 150 workers would taken across the border into tanisha unter heavy military security. was he in increasing amount
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of violence and fighting between the warring the leash militias and the direct vicinity of embassy this was a decision made east and the fact that -- sin the fact that our embassy in proximity of pretty serious fighting and felt our people were at risk. >> the nbc previous location was attacked in 2011 and the state department says that embassy personnel will continue to operate out of other locations in the region and out of washington. the dutch government said the first victim of the malaysia airlines disaster has been identified. he is from the netherlands and the name and gender was not released -- were not released and the government says the next of kin in the milieu of the town has been informed and more than 200 experts working to identify bodies and remains in 290 people of all aboard were killed when the plane was shot down over the ukraine last week. the second black box of air out you read jet that crashed
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in mali has been found in the french president said the data and voice recorders needed to be analyzed to determine the cost of the the cause of the crash. the plane went down thursday first thunderstorm was pounding the region -- region at the time and that they were moving right for the planes flight path. extreme that would've most likely cause a crash, but they're not ruling out anything including terrorism. taking time off work to play games or text on your smart phone just might make your boss happy. we will explain how it can make workers more productive. we will show you the bay area town where brown is the new green. this sure is a good son. fall coming through the golden gate and along with the cooler temperatures on the forecast for tomorrow and next week coming up next.
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in the south bay and you -- a new push to battle the drought by getting people to put less water on their lawns. like the sign on this lawn. it says it's called brown is the new green.
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this lawn is being watered just once a week and that represents a savings of about 60% for the homeowner. there are a few brown spots here. the owner of professional landscaper say that grass is pretty drought resistant and will easily bounce back when the winter rains returns. i went from three days to two days and now one day. that will be 60% water savings. you can see it's not perfect or a screen green lawn it's off- color and grounding out of it, but it's fine we are in a serious drought in have to manage well. as the church shows of the watering counts for as much as 50% of its typical homeowners water consumption in the landscaper to just watering your lawn once or twice a week for five minutes to do that twice each time with a half hour break to reduce runoff and evaporation. look at the cool video from vallejo. those are the high clouds coming from the south this
8:40 pm
evening and those high clouds it will be in the skies for a couple days. coming up from the monsoon from the desert southwest very similar to the parents we had last week. although this time i don't think they will get -- we will get showers and thunderstorms. that and now we will take a lovely life look at -- looking from mount cam over the page -- day and check out the low clouds coming in clouds low clouds high clouds still clouding up for tonight and we are going with a low clouds by the bay and moving to the golden gate not extensive and they were clear out pretty quickly and have a high clouds also so much of the day tomorrow and specially in the morning hours and more sunshine as we get to the afternoon and another hot day with the hottest spots close to 100 degrees. monday most cloudiness from the monsoon push and higher humidity levels. tuesday i close will be out of here and clout in the morning
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and a very gradual cooling -- cooling trend would eventually the ocean and working its way into the inland valleys in between temperatures down. there are the close we are looking at the clouds over vallejo and the monsoon and desert southwest and -- desert southwest and showers and thunderstorms. those are getting closer and will make for a couple days of widespread thunderstorm. temperatures tomorrow in the bay area about the same us today, mid to upper eighties and low nineties for the south bay mostly sunny skies. and scattered clouds. close to 100 inland. another hot day in the east bay valleys. seventies and eighties by the bay only a few degrees. low 70 san francisco posted 80 oakland and seventies for monday are the most cloudy skies. mostly sunny going into tuesday and temperatures drop off gradually through the week and the weekend . a new study indicates that
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happening on your smart phone at work might actually increase productivity. researchers tested workers who spend around 20 minutes of their workday doing something nonwork related on the phone. the key is the break is done in short spurts for just one or two minutes multiple times throughout the day. they found that workers at the the. were happier at the end of their workday workday. they say they it might help productivity because they are refreshed and less stressed when they can chat or play a quick game. talk about being mentally ill? we will show you the mouthful of teeth one young boy -.
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they are accused of setting -- setting a gopher tortoise on fire and killing it and posting video of the entire thing on social media.
8:45 pm
is a video that people have seen across country. the -- the response, unanimous. next line on the news i couldn't believe. i mean well why would you hurt an innocent animal like that. >> it's really sad and i don't understand what a person like that why would you do that for a friend do that is disgusting. >> amber -- live next door to -- it often heard the two teens speaking -- teams speaking in the backyard. >> i heard them also talking about it over the house like sitting in the back porch on the side of the house that's where they always at. they're always like always talking about like i can't believe that you know this is such a big deal and i don't understand why -- making a big
8:46 pm
deal out of its use in animal. it's not just an animal. >> girls will face different punishment because of their ages. another neighbor that lives know by she doesn't think that's right. >> i think they both were there. they both had a part in it and i think they should probably get equal punishment. >> --, please. >> she doesn't deserve to be in any more trouble it's like an 18-year-old because she did exactly why the 18-year-old did , but should she get less punishment. if she can do with an 18-year- old dustin issued she should be charged. >> i mean to him so harsh, dear children, they need to learn. >> i have an 11 and nine-year- old in the know what's right and wrong. it's somebody else getting in trouble you don't follow their lead because they're older. >> doctors in mumbai spent six hours in surgery removing hundred 32 teeth from teenagers me.
8:47 pm
the 17-year-old right cheek became severely swollen several months ago from a medical condition known as complex on been to me. a tumor forms inside a job that -- the job that produces teeth like structures and doctors say the last known person with the condition had 37 teeth extracted. this case beat that one by along -- dialogue chuck chuck. the he's likely to -- fee is likely to make it to the guinness book of records. >> if you think credit bureaus are sent from data breaches, think again. it seems that companies just can't keep your data safe. remember the big target breach with the retail giant lost data on hundred 10 million customers? it sent them to experience for identity theft detection. it turns out experience in one of the big three credit bureaus bureaus had its own data leak one -- one of experience subsidiaries, accidentally sold the personal data of millions of americans to afford
8:48 pm
fraudster in vietnam and that kiesel the information to identity thieves around the world. the leak was -- before target sent victims to experience it even shows even companies that we expect to protect data that have problems keeping the data safe. the post a -- a private investigator in singapore. if this happened more than a year ago and six. as they stay pretty quiet about the details and a spokesman cold unfortunate and isolated. target and experience bones than that of services -- services unrelated to this incident involving the experience data seeming distant. a new study finds adult can get jealous. just like people. researchers say docs got jealous and -- when their owners were showing a little
8:49 pm
too much affection to a realistic stuffed dog. responding my pushing and trying to get between their owner -- the owner and the point or by snapping and pushing the website website. it did not work with random objects only something that looked like another dog. they think this shows a basic form of jealousy that help social animals protect vons and ward off outsiders outsiders. these are your numbers? not your a lot of pics, the health statistics, dr. say the work the -- word this week work toward goals is to know where you stand in medical numbers. the world is filled with digits phone numbers, passwords , all are important, but physician save knowing your medical numbers is essential for living a healthy life. this number should you know? let's start with blood pressure. >> it's important because it's a major factor for heart disease and kidney disease and those are the leading cause. >> there's the cholesterol, know the difference between hdl and ldl. >> higher levels of ldl the bad cholesterol is associated with increased risks of heart
8:50 pm
attacks and strokes. higher numbers of hdl or good cholesterol associated with lower risk. >> --. >> you wait at least ties are important for knowing your body mass index. >> patients who are overweight are higher -- a higher risk for cardiovascular disease and arthritis and sweet afternoon and even cancer -- cancer so there's estimates that between 15 and 20% of cancer deaths in the us are attributable. >> but cholesterol number can tell you if you are prediabetic. >> diabetes is a major risk factor for the development of heart disease and other forms of vascular disease and kidney disease. going to numbers can help you work toward a healthy lifestyle, some drivers in los angeles decided to pass the time in traffic with a card game. the la times reporter groups set up the poker table yesterday on the five freeway, please check on the freeway in both directions for hours at a
8:51 pm
rescued a man from the ledge of an overpass. the woman posted this photo said the people who set up the table will look to play, texas hold 'em. know the cameras not adding 10 pounds, this rabbit room is big. a colorado man found a fuzzy giant under a truck yesterday morning he was so big he thought it was a dog at first. he brought it home and has been feeding veggies while he searches for its own. we want to personalized license we want to personalized license plate? coming up will show yo plate? it's the yoplait greek taste-off and we are asking the music city which 100-calorie strawberry greek yogurt is the next big thing. i'm a random lady with a table full of yogurt. want some greek yogurt? can i ask you a question? tell us what tastes best. this one is definitely the winner. that one is good. a is great. yoplait greek 100!
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that's the stuff right there. you want to see which one yoplait greek beat? chobani yes! yoplait greek wins again. take the taste-off for yourself! it is a beautiful day for yogurt.
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television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale $197 mattress sale is ending soon. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. bulldog: any size mattress - twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price! and they'll deliver it free. television announcer: the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ones. some of the requests are either funny, offensive or too explicit to show you tv. the response is by dmv workers
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may raise eyebrows as well. the san diego unified toolbars school bus driver had see on the license plate it was -- a swastika and drivers complain -- the dmv canceled the place. the department of motor vehicles said there were were -- must have slipped-. >> that's really quite rare. >> it should've been part of the 10% of plate request rejected by state. they checked on whether the request they get. >> the dmv gets more than 91,000 personalized fleet orders used each year. >> we reviewed each single one. >> request like that ace, travis that he wanted because i am out-of-state poker player. dmv said that is -- midnight or gone -- driver said my pomeranian -- pomeranian named ganja is my best friend. i love her. she's all i had. >> dmv said ganja is a term for
8:55 pm
-- the time for pot. tonight. >> driver said it was from a movie dmv worker said zombie killing i don't like zombies, but pulled for the warmth filled tonight. >> employees have to repeat -- relieve the requested-please will be assigned to the job depending on workload. they -- the right there on response for each request and some have a sense of humor. this person request i hate dmv. server -- driver gave no reason for growth i think it's funny. :-), but i leave the be on record is an acceptable. >> driver said he was involved in an breeding sheep and it means explicative you, didn't. >> number one the word ball in. the class that i had testicular cancer and had one removed. dmv road, it's slang for intercourse. tonight. >> this one, bb age forever. reason -- dbh forever. reason, family initials and forever. dmv, it means pro- daryl
8:56 pm
wakefield -- to daryl wakefield posted night. for shrinkwrap, the driver -- shrink, the driver said he's a psychotherapist and spelled that wrong entrance up means get your selfishly, dmv road, -- left -- left out. dit net. the workers were the 8000 of these request a month and there are hundreds that did not show on tv. those dmv workers are pretty savvy. >> the technical for drive tomorrow tomorrow. >> specially in the south bay. we have the garlic festival going on and it will be a hot afternoon, the gates of open mid seventies and going up to mid nineties by afternoon of mostly sunny skies that are on the rest of the day seventies and eighties on the be and upper nineties. >> they make garlic line, ice cream and fishing contest right after we ate some garlic. a lot of fun there. stay tuned.
8:57 pm
that's it for us we will be back at 11 everybody. have a good night. [ heart beating ]
8:58 pm
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no one wants to believe this, but are beyonce and jay-z really about to break up? >> the headline is everywhere, so could it be hollywood's latest conscious uncoupling? they're on tour, but why are people also saying they're in marriage counseling? >> maybe because they're working together. some couples can do it. but these guys are performing and on the road together 24/7, there has to be some problems. also the whitney houston movie, we were first on set with angela bassett. >> it just felt like the right time and the right opportunity. >> and why is the whitney look alike lip synching, but not to whitney. >> i copied his moves, straight away. i couldn't do them.


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